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Academic - I write complex topics which include references, citations, abstracts, keywords, or historical credentials. Such writing includes a thesis, dissertation, white paper, reference materials, research topic, fact-findings, investigations, religious analysis, support documents, etc.

Research - I write complex articles or topics which include an abstract, keywords, and references. I require an editor with specific subject matter expertise and desire publication in a journal, industry compendium, etc.

Fiction - I write stories and require an assessment of the plot, characters, setting, theme, or conflict. I focus on reader engagement and require an editor experienced in critiquing and publishing.

Nonfiction - I write inspirational, motivational, or enlightening topics based on philosophy or experiential knowledge. I focus on creating an audience which often elevates my status as an expert. My publication often serves as a marketing tool. (Note: Research requires an Academic Editor for references, citations, etc.)


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